Outline of Sessions

Mindful Mondays, 5-7pm

Location of first meeting: The Living Room Cafe, 701 S 5th St.

(We will get an idea of the most convenient location to meet at regularly after we meet everyone and either keep the Living Room or change to another spot!)

2/22: What is mindfulness and how is it practiced?

2/29: How do I teach and model mindfulness for my students?

3/7: How do students benefit from mindful practice? What structural changes happen in the brain after practicing mindfulness?

3/14: How do your students perceive things?  How does this affect their responses and behavior?  

3/28: How can mindfulness positively impact student engagement with content? How do I incorporate the use of mindfulness in my approach while teaching content?  

4/4: How can Mindfulness support teacher resilience in environments low on collaboration, modeling or support? How can mindfulness decrease stress reactivity in teachers?  

4/11: Who is practicing mindfulness in their classrooms and what works for them?  

4/18: Guest students and their experiences with mindfulness.



We are a group of current and former educators who have experienced the every day frustrations of teaching. We know how powerful and effective practicing mindfulness as a teacher is on decreasing disruptive behaviors and increasing student engagement. Our goal is to collaboration with experts in mindfulness who will share their resources and practices with people who work with youth. We will learn how to be mindful and how to create a mindful environment for our students.