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ITAG Session Leaders:

Aly Goldstein:

Aly is a clinical doctorate of psychology student studying clinical and school psychology.  She is currently working on a fellowship to consult with teachers on effective classroom management skills including positive behavior support and restorative practices in their classrooms.  For the past few years she has taught science in public middle and high schools located in Brooklyn, NY.  


Kaitlin is currently a middle school social studies teacher at McCall School.  She began her career with the School District of Philadelphia four years ago acting as McCall’s Playworks coach then transitioning into the role of teacher.  Kaitlin personally practices mindful activities and would like to incorporate these strategies and techniques into the classroom.  

Brendon Jeremi-Jobs:

Brendon currently teaches kids World History, African American History and Sociology at the Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP) in Philadelphia. He also works with Steppingstone Scholars. Entering his tenth year of teaching, he has begun to incorporate Mindfulness practices into his curricula as a way of opening  up his students to fully engage in self-reflection and historical empathy.

Abdul-Qadir Islam:

Abdul-Qadir D. Islam is a graduate student in the Reading/Writing/Literacy Division at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Currently, he is a research assistant at The Literacy Lab, located at The U School in North Philadelphia. Abdul-Qadir has previously worked as a full-time classroom teacher with professional experiences in Texas, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, and abroad. He has practiced mindfulness in both his personal and professional life. Abdul-Qadir is committed to creating opportunities for educators to rethink learning through mindful practices.