Session 1

What Tools Were Introduced In This Session?

What Are Some Mindful Tools We Already Use in The Classroom? (to be continued…)

  • ALERT program: about self regulation and comparing that to an engine.  “If your engine is too high what can we do?” Strategies to get engine to be just right
  • Yoga4classrooms: exercises you can do in classrooms
  • Go noodle: calmness videos walk them through how to deal with emotions
  • “How do you feel”-curiosity, non-judgmental, “can you tell me why you did that” “what did your behavior disrupt?” “what should be the consequence”
  • Peace path: scripted conflict resolution
  • Journaling/writing until cooled down
  • Glitter jar: cool down, timer, focus on glitter settling
  • Friendship tool kit
    • optimism classes
    • I statement & reflection
  • Memoves: movement meditation features kids doing different patterns with their hands
  • Bead breathing
  • Music

What Do You Think Mindfulness Is?

  • Engaging in thoughts, being present with self
  • Awareness, being present, focused
  • Curiosity, non-judmental, space between a trigger/event and your action
  • setting time to make an intent and an intentional choice of where to go from there
  • Self-regulation, awareness of self and surroundings
  • Focusing inward to understand, examine, and adjust outward
  • Awareness in moment, clearing of the mind
  • Becoming curious about the moment, nonjudgmental about sensation or experience
  • Not reacting, staying calm, being aware of how mind and body are connected
  • Aware of emotions and thoughts, non-reactive

What Are We Hoping To Learn in This ITAG?

  • 1st grade, 33 kids, practical skills to use to be more calm
  • skills to be less reactive with classroom management
  • Good foundation of how to practice mindfulness so i can effectively model it and teach it for the kids
  • I would like to be more mindful
  • I want to be more in the moment with my students and handle things better
  • Pass on more strategies to teacher for classroom management to help them and to further support them when I’m in their classroom
  • I often have students who struggle with anxiety and this would be helpful to include and support them further
  • I want to learn more about how teachers across Philadelphia are including mindfulness in their classrooms
  • How do I not get offended and take things my students say personally
  • How do I incorporate mindfulness less directly (ie. meditation) into the classroom
  • I have a lot of students who struggle to let things go and struggle to calm down when they might have been trained to be reactive in the moment of conflict
  • How to work with the resistances faced when I introduce something new
  • Burnout prevention for the group
  • There are mixed messages about what is effective behavior support and mindful strategies will help with behavior support
  • Why are my students minds and brains the way they are?
  • Why are they so impulsive and how can mindfulness help them to be aware of those things and